Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walk For Life

Today's the big day. Bigger for some than others, such as those lucky enough to go to DC, but big nonetheless. I'll be participating in a local Walk for the Respect of Life later today to show my support for life and to execrate1 the legalized murder that is abortion.
It would be easy for me to just say that I'm "ProLife" and be done with it, but I think it would really be far more productive to explain why I am. It would also make for more interesting reading for y'all.

The reasons I utterly detest abortion are simple. A life is a life, and every life is a gift from God. To destroy something, and by "something" I really mean someone, that He created is evil. It's evil to kill a baby in their mother's womb, just as it is evil to kill a baby in their mother's arms. Your pulling a trigger. Your ending a life.
But that brings up that whole, "When is a life a life?" debate, which you'd think would be a whole nest of thorns that could never be untangled, but really it's quite easy to debunk. Life begins at conception. Simple as that. An embryo in the womb is a human being from the moment the cells come together; what else could it be other than human life? An unborn baby, no matter how early on in the stages of development it is, is a living human being from the moment it was conceived because it was created by the union of two humans. It cannot be anything but a human being. Furthermore, and brace yourselves, because I'm pulling out the big guns, the Bible says, after the angel of Lord visited Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit, that she visited her cousin Elizabeth because she was also with child, and, "When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out, 'Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb [Jesus].'"2 Jesus was Jesus from the moment he was conceived, and the same is true for us as well because He was True God and True Man. And notice the wording; Elizabeth didn't say, "Blessed will be the fruit of your womb." She said, "Blessed is." That one verb explains simply and completely the value of a human life from conception to natural death.
Another reason I loathe abortion is because of the havoc it wreaks on our world and on individual souls. In our world, the further propagation of abortion increases sexism. Now, hear me out. We've been led to believe that birth control has set us free, that being able to "do it" the same as guys and not have to worry about getting pregnant has given women a leg up in the world. But the truth is that birth control and abortion turn sex and the natural consequences there of--that being the creation of another human life-- into something less than it was ever meant to be, and thus it turns partners into something less than they are meant to be. By saying that sex is for anything other than giving love, you are saying that people are meant for something less love. It turns people into objects of pleasure, into material things with less value. But every human being who has ever or will ever live, even if they are denied the fundamental right of being born, is of far more value than you could ever hope to comprehend. God loves each and every one of us as if we were the only person He had ever created. You are unrepeatable and irreplaceable, as is every other human being. That is why it's so wrong to kill someone, even an unborn or unwanted baby, because God so loves that person that He gave up His only Son.
As for the aforementioned havoc wreaked on individual souls: Killing is a sin. A big, big, big sin. It stems from pride, which is putting yourself or your will above the divine will of God, and such an act destroys the sanctifying grace in your soul. Basically, it runs Jesus' presence out of your soul and utterly destroys the relationship you have with God. I cannot possibly stress how bad this is. It's the difference between heaven, eternal happiness in the Presence of God, and hell, eternal separation from the divine and glorious Presence of God. We're talking life and death here, the life of your soul. So, one of the biggest reasons I hate abortion is because it will cause people to lose eternity with God. God wants to be with all of you in heaven. It's what you were made for. But if you choose to kill a person, to destroy someone that God loves in defiance of His will--and his will for pregnant ladies is that they bear children--then you are in extreme danger of losing that eternal happiness.
Now I want to make a couple things crystal clear; I am not condemning anyone. It's not my place to do so, and even if were, I wouldn't want anyone to. Furthermore, I hold only grief and remorse in my heart toward those women who choose to subject themselves to such a horrendous and scarring procedure. I can't imagine what that must make you feel, and I wish that i could turn everyone of you away from it for your and your baby's sake.

And lastly, I have a little story to share: Dorothy Day, a woman who is destined to be a saint, had an abortion. But she repented. She realized that what she had done was fundamentally wrong and offensive to God, and she asked for His forgiveness. She joined His Church, and turned her life completely around.
I once heard someone very wise say that the True Cross is located before the gates of hell, and that Jesus will do anything to keep even one soul from going through them.
I hope that by walking today and by posting this, that I'm helping Jesus turn people away from this most grievous sin and toward His eternal love and forgiveness.

Please join us in prayer to end abortion and save lives3--and souls.

1.  Definition of EXECRATE
     transitive verb
    1: to declare to be evil or detestable : denounce
    2: to detest utterly
2.  NAB, Saint Joseph Edition. Luke 1:41-42.
3.  3,600 lives a day.

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