Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Take On: Winter Survival Gear

Yesterday there was so much snow that I couldn't leave my house. It started out with light flurries, which then turned to a heavy, fluffy snow, which then turned to sleat and freezing rain. This bout of bad weather got me thinking about all the things I was most thankful for, things that I couldn't survive winter without, and they are:
My teal Ugg boots. I got these five or six ago and they're still good as new. I've worn them snow tubing, through slushy parking lots, in the rain, everywhere.The insides are still as baby-soft and the color as bright as the first day I got them. I love these boots, not for the brand name, which I could honestly care less about, or because they garner so many complements, which frankly is a bit awkward, but because they're so high quality and as comfy as walking on fat, happy kittens. Comfier, even, because these don't scratch my ankles.
My skel-y gloves. I got these for Zombie Week from Velvet, and I love them. They're really cute, sort of quirky, and, most imporantly, warm. I love gloves with grips on them, and the skeleton grips on these are great. It's a touch of the macabre that makes winter chapped hands a little easier to deal with. You can find them at Zombies and Toys, an online zombie themed store, for a real steal; only 4 bucks. My only complaint is they're pilly as all get out, but the anatomically correct grips make up for it.
My Snuggie. I got it for Christmas, and it is the coziest, most unflattering thing ever. And when it comes to keeping warm, the less flattering something is, the warmer it is. I use it when I read, during family prayers, while playing video games, using the computer (yes, I'm wearing it right now), basically whenever I sit, which is a lot of the time. Two complaints for this one, even though I love it. 1: Not of the best quality. The seams are a sight and there are stray threads which should have been cut everywhere, but I guess that's what you should expect from something that's sold in drugstores. The arm seams are pretty sturdy, though, so no hard feelings. 2: It's hard to find the "upside." Seriously, the Snuggie folks should consider a new design; a solid color with a large arrow pointing toward the top end. It would make such a bold statement. "This side up."
And lastly, Mexican hot chocolate. It's not a product, so much as a beverage epiphany. While Googling for a picture of the stuff, I came across several very difficult steps for making this involving blenders and whisks, but I assure you, it is much easier than all that. You just make a regular cup of hot chocolate using whatever brand of instant stuff you like best, then add a tiny drop of vanilla extract, a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dollop of whipped cream. Viola! Liquid delight. I'm insisting that you try it today, but be warned, once you try it, you won't go back to the regular stuff.
And that's how I survive my winters; with sheep-skin boots, funny gloves, a fleece slanket, and gallons of Mexican hot chocolate.
Oh, and I give all of these things...
...five zombies.

But all this leads me to wonder, what is it that gets you through the winter months?


Justine said...

This is fantastic! (Especially about the Mexican hot chocolate, which I'm SURE to try tonight!) I have Ugg boots, but the brand is American Eagle and it's lasted quite a long time as well. It's been through mud and everything! Snuggies are soooo lovely, I love to wear em when I read. :D

vvb32 reads said...

mmm, mexican hot chocolate is the best!

rothcomilitary said...

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