Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 Degrees Reading Challenge 2011

Ren1 of the blog All By MySHELF2 is hosting what I hold to be the most fun and original reading challenge ever: 6 Degrees3!

As you see from the nifty badge, I have opted for the INFERNO level. I will be attempting to connect 24 books, starting with Fever Crumb. I've already worked out my 24 links and will be revealing them to you as I read them. I must say, some of the links are pretty clever4.
Da Rulez:
  • Be Creative - Books cannot be connected by author, genre, series, or publisher. Anything else goes. Using legitimate connections, you cannot connect more than 3 consecutive books from the same genre.
  • Deadline - All challenge books must be started and finished between January 1, 2011-December 31, 2011. Books started/read before signing up count as long as they're connected.
  • Data! Data! Data! - All connections must be listed on your challenge post.
  • Sharing is Caring - Books from other challenges count as long as they can be connected.
  • Make It Count - YA, mid-grade, children's, adult, graphic novels, mangas, and comic books count (all together now, "As long as they're connected."), but individual short stories DO NOT count. Books from the same series count as long as they're not read back to back (and try to limit the number of books you use from one series).
  • One Time Use - Connections and books can only be used once!
  • *singing* Put One Book In Front of the Other- You don't have to read all the challenge books back to back, but you do have to read them in the order that they're connected.

So anyhoo! I challenge you to accept this challenge!

1  The blogger formerly known as Dahlia.
2  The blog formerly known as Dahlia's Eclectic Mind.
3  Perhaps an homage to Kevin Bacon?
4  I am nothing if not humble. Oh, and awesome. So awesomely humble. Although, in all honesty and with not a trace of hubris, I can assure that it is pretty funny. At least it is to me, but then I am a bit biased. Also, I have my list and links completely memorized. I couldn't tell you ten books that I read in the order I read them, but I can list 24 with all the random factors that link them together off the top of my head.


Ren (All By MySHELF) said...

Thanks for joining the challenge! Having seen your challenge list already, I must agree that some of the links are pretty clever. :)

M.A.D. said...

ZG - Howdi my crumbling comrade of all things creepily creative! This is such a *KEWL* challenge, cannot wait to see what you come up with ... but I know deep within me humble heart that you will have some awesome linkage going on! :D I is proud o' ye!!!

And btw, LOVED your book list from the previous post!!!!!! You had listed some delicious titles (especially the swordhand thingie that I keep meaning to put on MY TBR list, so am going to go back and snag some of your suggestions - 'cos if it's good enough fer Zombie Girrrl then it's good enough fer M.A.D. hehehe

**** finger making typing slow, tedious and wotnot :P Try zipping along with one hand while hunting and peckin' with the other ... shades of menopausal mayhem ;D

Other digits being tender, weird and over-worked or something stupid, so am just *waiting* for them all to go *snap* at once, THEN we'll be havin' a Fine Kettle O' Fish LOL Stupid Tendons ;O

*StUpId* is my new favorite-est word hehehe

PS - I would really LOVE to see you devote the month of February *heart-love* stuff to Zombieeeez, I bet that would be a riot. 'Would do it myself except for splints & sheer laziness.

PSS - So gladddddd to see you back and at 'em, missed ya! *Hugs*

PSSS - Am wishing you with all my heart the Happiest, Brightest and most Love-filled New Year ever ~

Chloe Booklover said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check out my blog for the details!


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