Friday, September 4, 2009

Zombie Tunes (part 6)

 Good eeeeeeeeeevening. Too vampire? O_o
 In this segment, I'll be sharing with you two songs that were featured in one of my favorite books, World War Z by Max Brooks. The addition of music as a tool to purvey the emotional strain that the survivors and soldiers were feeling during the Zombie War was excellent. It added yet another layer of realism. Plus, they were some great tunes!

Song 1: The Trooper by Iron Maiden. This song was used as a means to pump up the troops and lure the undead menace to their final demise. It added a very real ellement to the fight scene, and who doesn't love a little IM?

Song 2: How Soon is Now by The Smiths. This song was used as a soundtrack to a zombie attack documentary in WWZ. The battle field was cloaked in fog, and the soldiers couldn't see the zombies till they were right on top of them. A true nightmare. The songs creepy guitar licks really worked for that scene.

I'm a big, big fan of book soundtracks. It adds another layer of immersion and demension.
Tomorrow is the last Zombie Tunes post, The P.L.A.N.
Happy Zombie Week!
Zobie Girrrl



You know what tune you should, Zombie by the does say zombie in it lol

Zombie Girrrl said...

I got that one actually. It's in Part 2 of Zombie Tunes. I love that song, and not just because they say "zombie" like a million times. I love the story behind it, it's really sad, but I like the political spin on the song.

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