Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zombie Tunes (part 4)

 Goooooood morning listeners! Welcome to part four of our zombified music tour!
 On todays menu is Zombie Name Droppers! Artists who just sorta throw zombies out there, like wonderful (allbeit rotting) confetti.

 Name dropper numero uno: Muse. In their song Escape they say, "I never realized I was talking to the living dead," something that can't have been very productive as zombies traditionally have the IQ of a pine box. Unless, of course, we're talking about the zombie populary employed in YA, the heart o' gold, head o' mold zombie. That could've been a very fulfilling convo. Anywhoo, onto the song!

 Name dropper numero dos: Corey Taylor. Bother was featured on the first Spiderman soundtrack, and the line, "The zombie hides my face," just jumped out me. I think that might have been my very first encounter with the living dead, it was brief, but memorable.
A thought occurs to me as I listen to this song: The only way a zombie would hide your face is by blocking it with his own face. As he eats you. Hmm...

What's in a Name? Tune in tomorrow and find out!

Happy Zombie week!
Zombie Girrrl

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hmsgofita said...

I love the tunes!

vvb32 reads said...

don't know why, the zombie in me didn't take to these. ah well, but interesting post on zombie name droppers.

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