M.A.D. Challenge

It started innocently enough, just two bloggers shooting the breeze and trading jokes on a comment thread one fine afternoon during Zombie Month:

Mary Ann DeBorde(Sample taken from Mary Ann DeBorde's Zombie Month Post):
Have a Happy New Ear
Old MacDonald Had an Arm
Home In The Range
Deck The Halls With Parts of Molly
My Heart Goes On (a Bun)
Baby Had Back
Stumbling My Way Back To You, Babe
Knights in Moldy White Satin

Zombie Girrrl's reply:

Great meating!... You're a credit to our team!

Mary Ann DeBorde:
Yeah, there's no hiding the truth, Team Zombie rocks~

Zombie Girrrl:
I've thought of a few more songs!

"Zombie's Paradise" by Coolio ("As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/ I take a look at my life/ And realize there's nothing left/ 'Cause I've been shambing and slaughtering so long/That even my momma thinks that my brain's been nommed.")

"Never Miss a Beat" by The kaiser Chiefs ("I really want a really big brain, with blood on it/ What do you want for tea? I want flesh.")

Then the jokes turned into challenges...

Awesome @ Zombie Girrl!!!

Wonder what we could do with Flo Rida? hehehe
Personally, I'm trying to come up with something on The Raven ... instead of "Quote the Raven Nevermore" - I'm substituting
"Cos I'm Cravin' Brains Galore" ;D
Talk about a REAL *Dead Poets Society* ;P

I tried, but I can't work with Flo. I'm really more old school in respects to rap music.

How about some old Will Smith?
Iiiiinnn West Philadelphia/ Died and raised/...

My GAWD you go girl!!!

I'll always have a soft spot for Big Willie Style ... Miami! LOVE it :D
Okay, ZG - HERE'S a challenge for ya: What can you do with Backstreet's Back? [ don't tell! I still bounce to the BSB LOL ]

Oh! I can do so much!

The song is actually pretty long (as we all know) so I put it in a post. Here it is!

 You are EVIL, Zombie Girrrl LOL

But REALLY awesomely talented, hahahaha I laughed so hard I snorted brainnnnzzzz out my nose!
Okay. I am now OFFICIALLY tossing down the gauntlet to ya (hehe):
Let's see what morbid, post-mortem deliciousness you can do with...

And thus, the M.A.D. Challenge was born. Now every week, these two odd bloggers, M.A.D. and Zombie Girrrl, will challenge each other to post mad things.
Let the M.A.D.ness begin...

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