Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lenten Hiatus/A Chocolately Lament

It's that time of year again! Lent1! Yes, I know it's half way over already, but I felt that chocolate wasn't enough of a sacrifice.
Yes, I gave up chocolate for forty days and nights. No, I do not hate myself. Yes, I could really go for a chocolate kiss right now. In fact, do me a favor, will ya? Eat some chocolate for me. Next time you have a chocolate bar, be sure to appreciate its lovely aroma, and admire its beatific glossiness. Hold it up in salute and say, "This bar's for you, Zombie Girrrl2!" And don't snarf it down like some dime store taffy! Chocolate is the wine of candies; it is meant to be savored, its flavor and texture and aroma should be mulled over. Prose should be written to it! Works of art dedicated to it! Chocolate is the tenth Muse, I say!
Chocolate Mona Lisa

So anyway, on top of chocolate, and also because I've been too busy lately to post and will continue being too busy until after Easter, I'll be giving up blogging and going on a short hiatus. Hopefully, when I return I'll be plied with chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Eggs. I will raise my own toast with a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk. I will- stop talking about chocolate now because it's driving me nuts! Man, I could really use some chocolate! How much longer till Easter already?! *deep-cleansing-breath*
Okay. Enough torment.
I will see you after Easter!

Happy reading!

1  For an explanation of Lent, click here. The description is as close as you can get to the truth of the matter, considering it's a secular article. I tried to find an explanation on a Catholic website, but my search was fruitless. I guess they expect everyone to know what Lent is already.
2  Remeber to honor the R's! You gotta really growl when you say my name.
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