Monday, June 8, 2009

Bookstore Score! 2

I made it to Barnes and Noble this weekend. Hurray! *Happy dance* It wasn't my usual one, and the YA section was vastly larger than I'm used to. Total system over load. When faced with such a wide array of books, or music for that matter, my mind tends to go blank. COMPLETE MEMORY WIPE EMINENT. REBOOT. REBOOT. Everything I want to read leaves my head completely. It's a very effective means of clearing my mind, almost as good as a lobotomy. I finally remembered that I enjoy reading about zombies though, so I got Breathers by S. G. Browne. Don't know what the S.G. stands for. Maybe, Superbly Great, or Slightly Gross, or Stirring Gooeyness. The last one's a bit of a push, but I couldn't find a good synonym for romantic that started with a G. but Breathers is all those things and more! *spirit fingers*
It's highly remenescent of Fight Club. There's a support group, a down trodden guy, a kinda weird love ineterest, there's even a Tyler! Though he doesn't live in Andy's head, at least not as far as I've read. I've already read 96 pages, and I totally expect to finish it by tomorrow.
As soon I'm done, I'll give y'all the whole review, but I'm predicting... Whoo, it's late!


Dahlia said...

I forget all the things I want too! That's why I started carrying a list of books I want in my purse. I made a list of music too, but I keep forgetting to bring it with me. I should probably rewrite my list-- there are a bunch of books scratched out because I bought them or got them from the library, and I think it's close to tearing (plus, I'm running out of room for new books). >_<

Eli said...

Seems interesting! I haven't heard of this book before... Looking forward to your review!

Dame Orchid said...

I had a hard time deciding which book to get, because there were just so many that I wanted.

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