Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Used Bookstore Score!

I went to the used bookstore today and totally scored! I found seven gems! My faith in the used bookstore has been restored. The last few times there, I totally struck out. Either I couldn't find anything at all or I got duds, but not today! God bless the generous souls who have the ability to read a good book and then send it out into the world for some lucky person to buy at half price.
I found two Terry Pratchett books, Witches Abroad and Making Money. Super excited about this because I've read Weird Sisters, The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, and Wintersmith by Terry and he is one of my favorite authors. His books are witty and full of hidden wisdom and unexpected beauty. Someday I hope to have all his Discworld books. That might take awhile though seeing as how there are 36 books! Busy guy, that Pratchett.
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read this one a long, long time ago, like listening to International Superhits! for the first time long. This is one story that never left me and I'm looking forward to getting reaquainted with it.
The Hobbit by Tolkien (duh). I have the LOTR in paperback from the same bookstore so I thought, "Why not complete my collection?" Of course, this isn't actually the completion of my Tolkien collection. There's still The Silmarillian. I'll probably read this book this summer when I reread LOTR for the third time. Oh yeah, that's like my ritual; every summer I reread LOTR and Harry Potter. Rereading LOTR is kinda a new one, but I've read the whole HP series every summer because I liked to get back into the story before the next book released, but now that the series is over, I think I'll keep it up.
 And the first three books of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & The Olympians; The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, and The Titan's Curse. I've already read the first two of this series, and I totally love it! I can't wait to read TTC. I love the Greek mythology in this series and how Riordan has adapted it to modern times. Example: flying sneakers from Hermes.
Whoop, whoop! *happy book dance* On top of that, I'm currently reading Trickster's Choice By Tamora Pierce. Here's a teaser:
"The waiting for others to act on your information will give you the belly gripes, but that's what agents do. And I advise you not to pray as you wait. You don't know who will answer, times like that."
I love this book, it unfolds at the perfect pace. The first chapter gives you just the right amount of back story to get you into Alianne's life. She's Alanna the Lioness' only daughter, and while she is very bright and talented in many facsinating and shifty ways, she lacks the support she needs to flourish in her field of choice, spy work. "Too dangerous," say ol' mom and dad, even though Alanna is Tamora's toughest character and George, Aly's dad, is the king's spy master. The story quickly picks up the main plot which has Aly playing the part of a humble slave in a tropical island nation. She has been chosen by a capricious god to keep a family safe from an insanely paranoid king. Political intrigue and espionage antics run rampant through this book and make it one of the most interesting fantasy books I've ever read. There's still the charachteristic scenery you expect in fantasy, lots of bushes and paths, but there's something just so different about Tamora's fantasy. Maybe it's the fact that she's written a series about spies and gritty cops all set in a midevil world, or maybe it's the fact that her protagonists are all females who embody all that women have faught for over the generations; equality, respect, and @$$ kickin' awesomeness.
Ratings later as I haven't yet finished anything new. Oh, and if I start talking funny, it's just because of what I'm reading. I'm always more verbose when I go on a fantasy kick.
The Story SirenPlus, plus, I've just entered a contest on Story Siren to win Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. Sounds like a variation of Beauty and the Beast, but not in a fantasy kinda way, and I'm super duper excited and really hope I win! Wish me luck! P.S. That little picture of the mermaid is a link. :)

As you can see, my plate is very full for the forseeable future. Hurray!


Dahlia said...

You're so lucky! I've only ever managed to find, like, three books at that store. I only found one book yesterday, but you already knew that.
Maybe I'll have better luck at the library... 0_0

Dame Orchid said...

I just picked up the third Percy Jackson book too (I love that series).

Taschima Cullen said...

I am such a fan of Lord of the Rings!! Well, movies anyways jeje

And well the Percy Jackson series is a blast!

21 said...

I LOVE the movies! They really add to the books, like visually, and they stayed pretty true to the books, but they cut out some great scenes. I guess they had to though or they would have been like four hours long each! :)

~The Book Pixie said...

Got a surprise waitin' for you at my blog:


lifeafterjane said...

I went used book store hunting too! It's so much fun.

I've been in love with Pratchett for so long now. It started like 12 years ago when a bookstore guy loaned me like 10 books. I've read everything since then. I'd read his freakin' grocery list if he'd release it.

21 said...

LOL! I started reading his stuff about a year ago after a bunch of people picked Granny Weatherwax as their fave character of all time on the Barnes and Noble message boards, I had to see what all the hullabaloo was about. So glad I did, Pratchett rocks! ^.^

Dahlia said...

You have an award waiting at my blog! Yay for you! XD
Visit the link below to get it. :)

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