Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week Hiatus

I haven't had time recently to post anything, and I'm going to have less time until after Easter, so I'll make it official. I'm going on a blog hiatus for Holy Week, the most blessed week of the whole liturgucal year.
So, have a blessed Holy Week, and may this season draw you closer to Jesus and eternity in His Kingdom!

i am
zombie girrl
and this is
my time of year

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A Backwards Story said...

I saw your post on FTF about Edith Pattou's "East." I loved that book and was so happy when I found "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow" by Jessica Day George. You're going to LOVE that version. It's gorgeous and lush. I also really loved "Ice" by Sarah Beth Durst. Have you heard of that version? If not, I actually reviewed it last year!

I also recently posted some pictures to the picture book translation that has GORGEOUS artwork by P.J. Lynch here. It's out of print, so I had to buy a used copy at one point, but I REALLY wanted this version of the picture book b/c Jessica Day George and Sarah Beth Durst have both said that this was the inspiration for wanting to write a version of "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" ....AND why their heroines both have red hair!

I just wanted to tell you about those two books if you didn't know about them since you said you wanted to read more books like Pattou's East. :)

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