Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five

You know you've fallen behind on posting when your F5s are practically cheek-to-cheek, but...
  1. Going to Stations of the Cross with my family tonight, just like every Friday of Lent. My patron saint is Saint Veronica, the woman who "flouted the Romans" by stepping out of the crowd and wiping Jesus' face as He struggled to carry His Cross to Calvary, which is depicted in the sixth Station. I love the Stations, which is part of the reason I chose St. Veronica; the other reason is that she helped Jesus, she showed Him love when he needed it the most, and for that I love her enough that I wish to be like her. If you haven't experienced this traditional devotion for yourself, I suggest you do. It gives you a whole new appreciation of the Passion. And it doesn't matter what denomination you are; if you love Christ, then take the time to walk the Way of Sorrow with Him.
  2. My current obsession is origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. So far I've made a tulip, an ugly lily (didn't turn out as it should have), a dove, and a flock of orizuru (cranes). I can now make a crane without consulting a diagram! I find all of the patterns, along with some handy photos and links to instructions, at Origami, a blog devoted entirely to origami. What else.
  3. Lenten Reading Fast update: I have begun reading Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen and it is a-mazing! I want to quote it at least every other page. I'm only to the second chapter, but he's already blown my mind a bit with his explanation of eternity. Not an easy concept to grasp as we are finite creatures who cannot wrap our minds fully around what eternity is, but it was fun to read about. The reason he was trying to explain eternity: the prologue to the Gospel of John, "In the beginning was the Word, etc." It's not like he's shown me anything new, but he's helped me to see it more clearly, which is perhaps even better.
  4. I volunteered at the food bank on Monday with my dad and two of my three sisters. It was a lot of fun. Everyone there was so nice. We helped 245 people, a new record for that food bank. I'm really looking forward to going again next month (the FB only operates once a  month). I wish I could write more about that experience, but anything else I could say would come off as either boastful or sickeningly sentimental. Sometimes you have such a good time doing something good that words just can't do it justice.
  5. Tomorrow is a very busy day at church and beyond. First is Mass, then a brunch followed by a Lenten reflection, Reconciliation (part of the First Saturday Devotion), then the newly Confirmed are doing a service project. Oh, yeah! My Confirmation kids were Cofirmed last Saturday! Hurray!!! (I think I saw my librarian there, too...) The Cofirmation Mass was one of the proudest, most humbling, happiest yet at the same time sad events of my life. Proud because God had called me to work with these amazing kids; humbling because I didn't really have anything to do with their being up there, they were called by God to join His Church; happy because they're now as fully incorporated into the Body of Christ as they will be on this earth; and sad because my time as their catechist is over. I'm going to miss having them as a class.

I am
Zombie Girrrl
& I gotta
go or I'll
be late for
Sations of the Cross


Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

just came over and I Love your blog!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I used to love Origami as a kid. Definitely going to check out the Origami blog.

Have a great week!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh origami - I am the worst! I think I am limited to creating paper airplanes! :P

Zombie Girrrl said...

Yeah, origami can be a real brain bender. I tried to make a coi fish, and it just wasn't happening. I ended up squishing a few vital folds. The result: it looks more a nurse shark than a coi fish. :}

the epic rat said...

I love going to Stations as well! Ours is solemn and reflective, but I think my church is going to try a musical version next Friday (but I have to work). Not sure on that one... That's pretty cool that your patron is St. Veronica :)

Origami is awesome, but I didn't go as fanatic as my brother. My only proud work of art is an origami rose that I have memorized to make.

Confirmation is, by far, one of my favorite part of my faith. Almost like graduation ceremonies, but BETTER! It's just really inspiring and I love being a part of it (as a choir member)!

Enjoy the rest of your Lenten journey - it sounds like you are having really awesome experiences!


Zombie Girrrl said...

@ C: You can make a rose?! That's the one I want to make the most, but I just can't get it. I'll try the pattern you linked to, it looks much more comprehensive than the kooky, twilry one I tried. Thanks for the link! And thanks for your thoughts on Confirmation and Stations. :)

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