Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contest Reminders

  • Orchid and Dahlia's Duel Mega Blogoversary and Contest ends tomorrow at midnight, and I feel compelled to tell y'all that the prizepack has been sweetened by a signed copy Peeps by Scott Westerfeld! I can attest to its signosity as I was there! Scott was really nice and he gave an awesome presentation on his newest release Behemoth. But I digress. A lot.
  • Orchid's giveaway of The Half-Made World  by Felix Gilman ends Oct 31. This is an awesome sounding steampunk novel that Orchid has given her seal approval. You can eneter here, and she'll have a review of it up very soon.
  • And lastly, Sparkling Reviews' super generous Kindle giveaway will soon begin! They only need 33 more followers before they reach the 500 mark and open the contest. But until that time, sign up early and often. Yes, often! You can enter daily for this one, folks!
Good luck, ya'll!

1 comment:

M.A.D. said...

Good luck to ya, ZG!!!!! :D That's sweet-a-delic to pass along the heads (braaaaaaiiinnnnzzzzzz) up.

Not sure if I've entered or not, cos I can't remember as far back as 5 minutes ago :P

Wait until you're my exalted age, you'll be thrilled just to be able to blink and hold your bladder at the same time. Omg. Did I just SAY that?! ;D

Obviously, senility becomes an issue as well hehehe

Well, I need to quit typing and get off this stupid pc since I've been cleaning house & wrapping wreaths all day. My hands are sooooo tired. Soooooooooooo tired. My hands are. LOL. Now it's a toss up between do I watch my yummy new DVD Zombie Honeymoon OR finish reading Breaking Dawn.

... decisions, decisions :D


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