Saturday, April 24, 2010

My 1st Blogoversary! This calls for a CONTEST!!!

That's right, I've been blogging for a whole year! Now I could go on and on about how it feels like I just started, and how I can't believe it's been a year already, but we've all read that a million times already so I'll just cut to chase. I'm having a contest! What will you win? I'm glad you asked! One lucky winner will be the proud recipient of an original work of zombie art painted by yours truly. I don't currently have the technical ability to post a pic of said artwork, so I'll describe it to you. Picture this: a shambling zombie silhouette on a gilded backdrop with a smattering of blood and gorey goodness. I call it "Shamblin' Man," as in Lord, I was born a shamblin' man! Try to eat the living, I'm doin' the best I can! Anyone know that song? No? Doesn't matter!
Anyway, here's how to enter:
You must be a follower, old or new, I don't care.
You must be a resident of the New World as I'm unsure of how many stamps it takes to ship to Europe.
You must fill out the form below.
And you must love zombies. I won't be budged on this one. ;)

Contest ends May 15, 2010. The winner will be drawn via
Have fun, my lovely horde!


ladystorm said...

cool contest.

vvb32 reads said...

yay! happy blogoversary!

btw: you've been awarded ;-D

AtenRa said...

Hello!You've been awarded Beautiful Blogger award.

Check it out here :

Sorry for contacting you this way, but you have no other contact info.

dArLyN said...

happy blogoversary!

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