Sunday, May 16, 2010

And the winners are...

The random number generator has spoken! VVB of vvb reads, a true zombie lover, is the lucky winner. Velvet said her love of zombies are, "too many to count... they just keep coming despite people beheading them ;-D" Great answer, V! And because the randomizer was so much fun to use I've drawn a second winner! The second winner is Corcey of The Flying Muskrat who said, "I love zombie because I love the idea of people eating others brains and us having to run away from them. It makes a great story and I love great supernatural stories with death on the line! Death is one of the biggest prices to pay and when you have to spend your eternity searching and scraping for living people's brains, it just makes it all the more desperate. I love zombies so much I'm currently writing a book where the protagonist's name is Zombie. Love them." I love your blog title, BTW! Corcey will be receiving a surprise work of zombie art entitled "The Attack!"
And while we're at it, I've picked a surprise winner chosen for their clever answer! This lucky winner made me laugh with their hilarious answer. Winner #3 is Heather of Gofita's Page who said, "Zombies rule! My love of zombies comes from Night of the Living Dead which I saw many years ago! I always like to dress up as something dead every halloween and one year was a zombie hippie. That was one of my favorites. Usually buy all the zombie books I can get my hands on as well! There's just something about their brain eating ways that fill me with joy1!"
1: Brain-eating zombies fills me with joy, too.
Heather will also be getting the work titled "The Attack!"
I really did try to post pics of y'alls' prizes, but my computer is being super slooow and won't upload anything *dratted Stone Age relic*. I will try again later, though. In the meantime I'll be getting in touch with you lucky zombiephytes and will be shipping you your prizes ASAP!

So, to sum up:
Winner #1 and recipient of the gilded "Shambling Man" is Velvet
Winners #2 and #3 and recipients of "The Attack!" are Corcey and Heather
Thank you all for celebrating my first blogoversary by entering my little contest and submitting such funny answers. It warms my heart to see so many zombie aficionados!

Happy reading!


Taschima Cullen said...

Congrats winners, and happy reading to ya all!

Hey Zombie Girrrl, hows life?!?!

iZombie said...


vvb32 reads said...

yay! thanks for my shambling man. looking forward to checking him out.

hmsgofita said...

Thanks!!! I'm glad someone found my comment clever! he he! Can't wait to get it.

vvb32 reads said...

double yay! i received my shambling man ;-D

and love the extra: Attack!

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