Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Further Thoughts On Top Ten Tuesday's Fictional Family

I've been thinking about what it would be like to actually be related to the fictional family I built yesterday, to have Molly Weasley as my mother and Atticus as my father and so on and so forth. Mainly, what it would mean to have all those stories attached to reality--to my reality. Here's what I came up with:
  • I might be a witch. "Might" being the key word here as none of my other siblings exhibit any aptitude for magic; I might be a squib or a muggle like them. I'd like to think I would have inherited my mother's magic, though, and since this is my story, I'll say that I did.
  • I might run on the short side and have enormous, hairy feet. Thanks, Grandpa Bilbo. No, really. Although, again, this is my story, so I'll say I did not inherit this trait.
  • We have a comfy hobbit hole in the country where we spend our summers. Unfortunately, Grandpa Bilbo is something of a local celebrity so we can't really get any peace from the neighbors.
  • After doing a little figuring, I've realized that I live in the early-mid 1900's and that WWII has effected my family a great deal. On the bright side of this is that my sibs and I often take a little holiday in Narnia and that our sister, Sara, takes us shopping with her huge diamond-mine-fortune.
  • We're all red heads.
    Except Ed, he takes after Datticus and Uncle Clive (C.S. Lewis, to you). Molly seems so pleased.
  • I'm never bored because half of my family are gifted story tellers and the other half are always game for whatever you throw at them. This comes in handy when we can't go outdoors for extended periods of time due to A) the English rain, B) the zombies, or C) the Blitz.
  • Unfortunately the world is not a safe place. We have to deal with a world war, Death Eaters, Orcs, The White Witch (when in Narnia), and the aforementioned zombies. Oh, yeah, and my big brother, Shaun, is infected with a dormant zombie virus that will turn him as soon as he dies, which might happen sooner rather than later because he likes to live dangerously. And I don't mean ride-your-bike-with-no-hands kinda dangerous, we're talking poke-a-zombie-with-a-stick dangerous.
  • There's a lot of good advice floating around the house. With Datticus, Grandmarmee, and Uncle Clive, there's no shortage of wisdom. I imagine dinners with this family would be anything but dull, especially when Grandpa Bilbo has his buddies over. *please-invite-Legolas-please-invite-Legolas-pleasepleaseplease*
  • I might be the most boring child of the lot. This is just an occupational hazard when your siblings are Jo March, Shaun Mason, Edmund Pevensie, Sara Crewe, and Jem and Scout. And my lack of adventures probably bores my grandfather to tears. However, perhaps being in such close contact with the lot of them will have some effect, maybe some of their interestingness will rub off on me. One can only hope.
  • The following people are close family friends: Harry Potter, Gandalf, Laurie (oh no! conflicted!), JRR Tolkien (can you say "tear in the fabric of space and time"?), the Large Family, Boo Radley, and Aslan.

I wonder what the extended relations are like. Would I be cousins with Eustace Scrubb and the Proudfoots...?

i am
zombie girrrl
and that was
the story of a
fictional family


Ren (All By MySHELF) said...

I'm trying to picture you as a red-head now.
Nope, not gonna happen.

That was hilarious, though a little strange. And I have to wonder, how many of the characters in your fictional family would be different simply because they're related to you? Something to ponder.

Zombie Girrrl said...

Hmmm, good point. I imagine they would be a good deal more awesome for having known me. *so humble*

Red-headed Scout looks like Chuckie. The creepy doll, I mean, not the Rugrat.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! This is such a fun concept! :)

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