Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mega Holiday Giveaway @ Dark Faerie Tales

Dark Faerie Tales is having the mother of all holiday giveaways, and the list of prizes is to maim for1!
Deets: Four winners will have their choice from a list of nearly 40 books! Contest ends January 5, 2010.
Notes: Me reading the list of prizes-- Ooh, that's cool. That's cool, too! Oh, oh, oh! I can't believe that's on the list!!! Must. Enter. Now!
You're gonna want to check this one out. Trust me.


1  I wouldn't say it's to kill for, exactly, because killing is wrong, but it's a very good list of books nonetheless.

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i had this dream about it last night...and she even told me what kind of faerie she was and i was subconisouly repeating it 2 myself so i could look it up when i woke up but i forgot..

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