Friday, July 17, 2009

Teeny, Tiny, Micro Post

I've changed my name from 21 to Zombie Girrrl, it suits me better, and most people call me that anyway. Plus the only reason I chose 21 in the first place was for 13 & Co., which I only post on occasionally. It was like a call sign. I'll still use it for that blog, but for everything else (which is basically everything), I'm adopting the name Taschima gave me. Thanks, Taschima!
21 Zombie Girrrl


Taschima Cullen said...

I feel so happy! ^^

You Welcome girl!

pirate penguin said...

I could've sworn I left you a comment on this post. o___O! But anyhoo, yes the ending was like: WHAT?!?!? *spazz spazz* I was pissed at how defeated Jace became: where was the confident sarcastic golden boy I like to smile at?! Audio books are fun. :] I listened to Just Listen by Sarah Dessen on audio and it was really good! It even enhanced the experience since the narrator's voice was a lot like the main character's. (I read JL the first time so it was cool hearing someone else narrate it). I tried listening to Hawksong by audio but I just couldn't. I heart Zane.

pirate penguin said...

random note: every time I'd see your footnotes, I'd automatically think of E. Lockhart's The boyfriend list. Those have mucho footnotes :]

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